prof anglais soutien scolaireNotre e-prof de soutien scolaire te donne des pistes de réponses avec ce corrigé du sujet bac anglais LV1 donné au bac de Pondichéry 2018.

Voici quelques pistes de réponses que je suggérerais dans ce corrigé de baccalauréat. Elles ne sont pas exhaustives et exclusives bien entendu. Voici la répartition des points :

Compréhension 10 points
Expression 10 points


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Compréhension écrite : document A

sujet bac anglais lv1 Pondichéry 2018

questions de compréhension écrite anglais Pondichery 2018


  1. Mohamed Ali anglais bac pondichery 2018COMPREHENSION ECRITE
    1. The journalist clearly admired Muhammad Ali, he saw him as a hero.
    In the text, he says “he seemed like the perfect embodiment of masculine striving”. Also when Ali said: “I am the greatest”, the journalist says “I believed him”.2. Like the journalist, we admire celebrities nowadays because they have become our cultural elite.
    a) “We feel we need to connect with them”.
    b) “We value celebrities so much that we have a sense of personal connection to them even when we have never met them”.
  2. a) The journalist feels that our admiration for celebrities can be dangerous as we admire them more than real heroes. He feels this is too much. He has changed his view and sees a difference between celebrities and real heroes.
    b) Charles Barkley does not want to be considered as a hero. He explains that his job is not to be a role model. His job is not to replace parents: they should be the children’s role models. His job is to play good basketball.

Compréhension écrite : document B

corrigé bac LV1 pondichery 2018

sujet bac anglais bac pondichery 2018

questions de compréhension écrite pondichery 2018

compréhsenion écrite bac anglais pondichery 2018

4. Mickey Mantle is a baseball player

  1. The narrator wanted Mantle to sign his autograph on a baseball for him.
    a. He looked bigger and more impressive than on television, (“his hands were as large as shovels, his forearms were as strong as stone”, etc)
    b. The narrator cannot imagine Mickey Mantle could be yawning out of boredom. He admires Mantle so much that he excuses the baseball player’s terrible behaviour and says “he must have had a long day”.
    7. “It was sort of a holy moment, and the light that shone around them seemed to glow softly, like something you’d see in one of the stained glass windows at Saint Andrew’s”.
    a. I think Mantle’s attitude towards the narrator is very hurtful and incredibly insensitive as the narrator is a young boy at the time, admiring his hero. Mantle refuses to give the narrator his autograph. Moreover, he is laughing at the boy. He is mocking his costume: “what are you supposed to be?”, “Listen, I don’t sign baseballs for kids in yellow tights”.
    b. As a result, the narrator is really upset, he is devastated. He also feels very uncomfortable and even ashamed: “the world should split in two, and I should fall into the crack and never be heard from again”.
    9. Danny Hupfer gave the signed baseball back to Mantle. I believe he was disgusted when he saw Mantle’s behaviour towards the narrator and he wanted to show Mantel his anger. He was disillusioned by his hero.

10. In my opinion, both texts show that there is a great difference between celebrities and heroes.

  • A celebrity is famous but is not necessarily a hero.
  • People admired celebrities so much that they feel they have a personal connection with them. They build the image of a hero in their mind but reality is often very different.
  • A hero should be a role model but celebrities don’t always behave like role models like Mickey Mantle and some don’t want to be role models like Charles Barkley in the first text.

Expression écrite anglais LV1 Pondichéry 2018

compréhension écrite anglais LV1 bac Pondichery 2018

1. Document B:” I guess I won’t need this after all”, Danny said. He lifted his hand from it, and I could tell it wasn’t easy”- (lines 43-44).
Mickey Mantle cannot believe Danny’s reaction. He starts a conversation with him.
Write the scene. (300 words +:- 10%)

Piste de corrigé pour le document B

Dans ta conversation tu devrais par exemple montrer que Mickey Mantle est très surpris de la réaction de Danny. Il lui demande pourquoi il rend la balle signée.
Danny lui, pourrait peut être expliquer par exemple qu’il est déçu de l’attitude de Mantle envers le narrateur, Holling Hoodwood, qu’il ne comprend pas son comportement, qu’il le considérait comme un héro et que maintenant Mantle a tout gâché, qu’il a compris la différence entre une célébrité et un héro maintenant.
Danny pourrait même demander à Mantle de s’excuser.
Here is a possibility :

Mickey Mantle: Young boy, why are you giving your signed baseball back to me?
Danny: I guess I won’t need it after all!
Mickey Mantle: But why? I don’t understand? Nobody has ever given me back an autograph!
Danny: I am so disappointed in you! What have you just done!?!? I cannot believe it!
Mickey Mantle: What do you mean? What have I done?
Danny: You refused to sign my friend’s baseball!
Mickey Mantle: Who is your friend?
Danny: This boy here. His name is Holling Hoodwood!
Mickey Mantle: Let me laugh! This boy is dressed as a fairy! I have never signed a baseball to a boy dresses as a fairy in my entire life!!
Danny: First of all, he is not dressed as a fairy, he is dressed as Ariel, the spirit in the Tempest by Shakespeare!
Mickey Mantle: That’s the same thing! The boy is wearing yellow tights on top of it!!
Danny: So now, I know that not only you are rude but you are also ignorant!!
Mickey Mantle: You cannot insult me like this! I am the greatest baseball player in the world!
Danny: OK and now you are being arrogant!! I don’t know why I thought you were my hero! Since I was little, I wanted to be like you! I wanted to meet you! And now I am so sad! You have destroyed my dream and my friend’s dream too!
Mickey Mantle: What are you talking about?
Danny: I think you should apologise to my friend because you made him feel really bad and uncomfortable! He said he wanted “the world to split in two and he wanted to fall into the crack and never be heard from again!” Do you realise how bad you made him feel?
Mickey Mantle: I have had enough of this silly conversation! I am going!
Danny: Good! And don’t come back here!

… Holling, I am so sorry about the way he treated you! He is not a hero! He is just a very arrogant man!

Piste de corrigé pour le document A

Document A: “The danger is that we have come to admire celebrities more than real heroes, (line18). To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Je vais te suggérer un plan et te renvoyer au thème de Mythes et Héros que nous avions déjà développés pour les révisions des oraux.

Introduction :

What is a hero ? A super hero?
Nowadays a lot of people consider celebrities as role models, as heroes?
Isn’t it dangerous?

Part I

  • With the development of the Internet and other media sources, celebrities become part of our everyday life.
  • We tend to believe that we have a special personal connection with them.
  • We tend to idealise them and they can disappoint us. They can have a negative influence on us.
  • Give examples of reality TV stars, singers , sportsmen & women, actors, etc for each point

But real heroes are role models, they are people who change the course of history or who made a real difference in society or even in the world.

Part II 

  • Real heroes change society, change the world: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela.
  • They inspire us and allow us to dream
  • They allow us to become better people and to make a difference to the world we live in.
  • Give examples of people who inspired others to improve society, to improve the world.


We should be very careful and pay attention to who we consider as heroes. ‘Heroes’ or ‘celebrities’ can have a negative influence on young people and children.
Parents and schools can help children to choose their heroes.

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